About us

Uptimeout - Website monitoring

Uptimeout is a website monitoring tool developed by Rndeer Ltd. We are small team of software developers from Helsinki, Finland. During our day jobs we’ve developed numerous digital services for other companies. This time we decided to do something of our own during the dark hours of the night. We hope you like it.

Uptimeout offers tools to detect downtime based on flexible rules. The reasons for unavailabilty of a website can vary from hosting problems, DDoS attacks to human errors. Uptimeout checks the response of the servers frequently and immediately sends an alert if the unexpected happens. You can also configure the monitor to do advanced magic tricks, given that you know your way around.


The service is free to use for one monitor. Cool guys buy a premium plan for more features. We don’t have any hidden agendas, ad spammers or other dubious stuff. No animals were hurt during the making of this service.

You can use uptimeout logo and this image freely, if you wish to tell about this service to others.

Download press kit here.